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Green Street delivers solar energy solutions that are customized for each of our partners. Our select team of solar industry veterans, in-house legal counsel, experienced operations professionals, and structured finance experts create adaptable, high-yield turnkey solar solutions to optimize client revenue.
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New Windsor, NY Community Solar GSPP

New Windsor Community Solar | 5.544 MW

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Boxborough Community Solar GSPP

Boxborough, MA | 5 MW

“The Town of Boxborough is supportive of solar energy system projects and the solar array at 1414 Massachusetts Avenue recently constructed by Green Street Power Partners. Their team is the latest example of how the Town is working with private entities to provide renewable energy options for its residents and businesses. Since there are limited solar energy system opportunities on municipal land, we hope this project encourages other land owners to explore ways in which they can make their properties more sustainable or even provide direct energy benefits to others within the community.” Adam L. Duchesneau, Town Planner, Town of Boxborough
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Westfield Community Solar GSPP

Westfield, MA | 4.8 MW

“The City of Westfield is very happy to be able to take part in Green Street Power Partners community shared solar program.  It offers our citizens a unique opportunity to take part in a renewable energy source that would otherwise be unavailable to them.  The project is the largest solar development in the city and is good use of the property producing revenue for the municipality without adversely impacting the surrounding neighborhoods.” Westfield Mayor Brian P. Sullivan
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Gibbon, MN Community Solar

Gibbon, MN | 4.6 MW

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Attleboro School District Solar Array by Green Street Power Partners

Westbridgewater, MA | 4.1 MW

“We are thrilled about going solar with Green Street. Not only will the district save millions over the life of the system, but we're having a positive impact on the environment, and setting a great example for our nearly 6,000 students.” Marc Furtado, Director of Finance, Attleboro School District
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St. Cloud, MN Community Solar GSPP

St. Cloud, MN | 4.1 MW

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Raynham Landfill Community Solar GSPP

Raynham, MA | 3 MW

“TMLP endeavors to embrace renewable energy as part of our portfolio.  We have been increasing the solar renewable production in our territory and this was an opportunity to reuse a landfill that would otherwise have no other purpose.  The ease in working with Green Street from start to finish helped establish a new program and reinforce our commitment to our community and the environment.” Sonja Britland, Administrator of Customer Care & Public Communications, Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant
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Troy, NY Community Solar -- GSPP

Brunswick | 2.9 MW

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GSPP Gilman Landfill Solar System for Green Mountain Power

Gilman, VT | 2.8 MW

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Devens, MA Rooftop Solar Array Green Street Power Partners

Devens, MA | 2.75 MW

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Sturbridge, MA | 1.8 MW

“Old Sturbridge Village plays a critical role in the Northeast by keeping the rich history of our region alive. That’s why joining the renewable energy movement is so important to us. We’re reducing our electricity expenses, and in turn putting those savings back into the museum to make sure we’re able to continue providing a robust and affordable educational experience to all of our visitors.” Jim Donahue, President and CEO, Old Sturbridge Village
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New Brunswick Board of Education GSPP Solar System

New Brunswick, NJ | 1.7 MW

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Millbury, MA GSPP Community Solar

Millbury, MA | 1.4 MW

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St. Cloud, MN Community Solar

St. Cloud, MN | 1.4 MW

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Shrewsbury Community Solar Green Street

West Boylston, MA | 1 MW

“Green Street’s community shared solar model provides energy choice to West Boylston’s residents and businesses.  This is a great way for customers who don’t own their home, lack proper roof orientation, and experience issues from shading to participate in solar energy development.” Jonathan Fitch, General Manager, West Boylston Municipal Lighting Plant
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Albertus Magnus College Solar Carports Green Street Power Partners

New Haven, CT | 998 kW

“I am very excited to include solar power production as part of our campus energy and sustainability programs. The solar carports are a great way for us to turn otherwise unproductive parking areas into environmentally friendly energy-producing sites. We will save on utility costs and help the environment. As a bonus, we think students will also appreciate parking under the canopies which may provide some protection from the elements.” Bill Hawkins, VP for finance, administration and treasurer, Albertus Magnus College
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Green Street Power Partners Maspeth, Queens Community Solar Project Acquired from SunPower

Queens, NY | 918 kW

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San Mateo, CA | 846 kW

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GSPP Addison, VT Solar System

Addison, VT | 734 kW

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Gann Academy Rooftop Solar Array -- GSPP

Waltham, MA | 315 kW

“I want to give a shout out to our partners at Green Street, thank you so much for helping us make this happen. We looked at a number of companies when we were thinking about who was going to put up our solar panels, and we decided to choose Green Street, both because of their financial model that was great for our school, and their willingness to collaborate with us and their understanding of what these panels meant for our Jewish mission. We now have 875 panels on our roof that are going to provide 25% of our school’s energy needs.” Rabbi Marc Baker, Gann Academy
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Bristol, RI Fire Station Solar Installation

Bristol, RI | 220 kW

Rooftop solar array for the Bristol, RI Fire Station