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New Massachusetts solar project brings power locally and internationally

Updated: Feb 12

Green Street Power Partners adds a completed 2.75 MW rooftop array in Devens to its quickly expanding portfolio

Stamford, Conn., Dec 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Green Street Power Partners, LLC (GSPP), a national developer and financier of commercial solar, completed construction on a 2.75 MW rooftop solar array in Devens, Mass. One-hundred percent of the energy produced by the system is being sold to MassDevelopment, which operates the Devens Utilities Department, at a competitive rate through a 25-year power purchase agreement. The system is expected to produce approximately 3,581,000 kWh of energy annually, providing a renewable energy component to the residential, commercial, and industrial customers of the Devens Utilities Department.

“MassDevelopment welcomes the addition of 2.75 MWs of renewable power supply recently installed by Green Street Power Partners,” said Devens Utilities Manager Jim Moore. “This project increases total photovoltaic distributed generation at Devens to 12.8 MWs, meaning that approximately 15 percent of our total average demand for electric power will now be supplied by renewable resources.”

“This is an exemplary project for our team at Green Street, the positive impact of this project is not just local, but also international” stated Lisa Raffin, CIO at GSPP. “Not only will the project provide Devens, MA with renewable energy, but we were able to repurpose the building’s pre-existing panels by donating them to a local installer who’s working to provide microgrid solar in Puerto Rico.”

About Devens Located in north-central Massachusetts and managed by MassDevelopment, Devens is home to more than 400 residents and a varied mix of businesses, government organizations, and nonprofits that employ more than 5,000 people. Created by statute in 1993 to support business growth and attract economic development opportunities in the region, the 4,400-acre site features fast-track permitting and other incentives for businesses. The former military installation is recognized today as a national model for sustainable military base redevelopment. Along with its business tenants, the Devens community also includes more than 2,100 acres of recreation and open space, private residences, schools, and a network of human and social services providers.


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